Smoke Remedy®

smokeremedy-30dayHow do I Take Smoke Remedy®?

Smoke Remedy® has NO taste and is so easy to use!

  • Just carry Smoke Remedy® with you as you would carry a pack of cigarettes.
  • Spray Smoke Remedy® 3 times into your mouth (under your tongue) when you get the urge to smoke a cigarette.
  • Avoid food or drink for about 5 minutes after spraying.
  • Use Smoke Remedy® throughout the day at EVERY craving for a cigarette. We recommend a minimum of 6 doses spread throughout the day, and less as your cravings for cigarettes diminish.
  • There are no deadly side effects like other quit smoking aids: use Smoke Remedy® as often as you need it without worrying.
Smoker using Smoke Remedy®

You will use Smoke Remedy® less over time as your cravings for cigarettes and tobacco diminish. Most smokers prefer to quit over 3 to 6 months and say this flexibility took the stress out of quitting and they didn’t feel deprived because they could still smoke.

Stop taking Smoke Remedy® when you no longer have the craving or desire to smoke! And celebrate as you are now an ex-Smoker!!!

Remember, with Smoke Remedy®, YOU can decide the pace that you want to quit. Some smokers want to quit as quickly as possible and use Smoke Remedy® every time they crave a cigarette. Other smokers prefer to quit gradually and use Smoke Remedy® to cut back and reduce their cigarette use until they are ready to quit completely. Since you can smoke as your cravings decrease, you don’t have the pressure of the dreaded “quit date”. Instead, just use Smoke Remedy® every day to gradually reduce your cravings for cigarettes. YOU decide the pace that works best for you!

Lung Remedy®

lung remedyHow do I Take Lung Remedy®

Get COMPLETE Lung Support with Lung Remedy® 3 Phase System!

Lung Remedy® has NO taste, and it’s so easy to take! Lung Remedy® is a three phase system that includes 3 bottles, each lasting about a month. These three phases consist of 3 different formulas designed to work together.

During the first 2 weeks using Smoke Remedy®, take one teaspoon of Lung Remedy® Phase 1 in the morning, and one teaspoon in the evening along with using Smoke Remedy®. After two weeks, take Lung Remedy® Phase 1 only once a day in the morning until the bottle is empty. Then we recommend you begin Lung Remedy® Phase 2, and once complete, begin Lung Remedy® Phase 3. Detailed instructions will come with your order.

D-Tox Remedy®

Natural Detox RemedyHow do I Take D-Tox Remedy®?

D-Tox Remedy® has NO taste, and it’s so easy to take! Just take one teaspoon daily every evening, along with using Smoke Remedy® and Lung Remedy®. One bottle of D-Tox Remedy® lasts approximately one month.

If you have been smoking for years, you should expect that your body will need months to get rid of the thousands of accumulated deadly toxins that remain in your system and continue to cause damage and disease. To experience maximum benefits, we recommend you take D-Tox Remedy® for several months based on the number of years you have been smoking. A recommended program along with complete instructions will come with your order.