How to Cleanse Lungs Damaged By Cigarette Smoke

Cleanse your lungs after smokingIf you are a smoker or an ex-smoker, you may be wondering how to cleanse lungs that have been damaged by years of smoking.

When I quit, I was surprised to learn there are not many products to choose from for this purpose. Most doctors say that the lung damage will be repaired gradually over time. Fortunately, I found a  homeopathic practitioner with something different to recommend.

It is true that the lung damage will be repaired gradually over time, but there are some smoking-associated symptoms that are annoying, embarrassing and uncomfortable. My homeopath recommended using Lung Remedy to speed up my healing process. The homeopathic ingredients in this product help to relieve shortness of breath, the smoker’s hack, the congestion, the hoarseness and the difficulty breathing that years of smoking have caused. Relieving these symptoms as soon as possible is advisable for several reasons.

First, shortness of breath reduces your ability to exercise. Exercising more is good for your health. It is also one of the best ways to get your body to produce natural feel-good chemicals like serotonin and dopamine, which helps you to ‘stay quit’.

The second reason that learning how to cleanse lungs is a good idea has to do with the small amount of damage to your throat that is caused by the smoker’s hack. It makes you uncomfortable.

Some smokers find that their cough gets worse before it gets better. In particular, you may notice that you cough more during the first few days after they quit.

Smokers sometimes learn that having a cigarette relieves the cough, temporarily. This is because the tiny hairs called cilia that line the throat are paralyzed by cigarette smoke. Once you stop smoking, the hairs begin to do their job once again. The result is more coughing. Learning how to cleanse lungs can reduce your risks of relapsing by relieving the cough.

The homeopathic remedies designed for this purpose can also reduce the congestion and hoarseness while making it easier for you to breathe. This is the kind of support that you need, even if you are still smoking. There are remedies specifically designed to support your lungs as they regenerate, but should not be thought of as a cure-all that will allow you to continue to smoke without suffering the ill effects, but can certainly be helpful when it comes to that rebound coughing that many people experience. If you really want to quit, it makes sense to get all of the support that is available.

Using a natural homeopathic product like Lung Remedy has no side effects, and when used as directed can help cleanse lungs and support your desire to quit.

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Author: Pat

Pat Johnson is a former smoker who tried – and tried – and tried to quit for years, before finally discovering Smoke Remedy and quitting for good. She’s passionate about helping other people learn how to successfully quit smoking and get on with their lives. She blogs on and has a free quit smoking email series that has helped hundreds of people quit smoking.

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  1. I want to avail some remedial medicine but I have no money. Please help me. Thanks.

    • Hello Rafael;
      A great place to start is my free Quit Smoking course will help you with the next steps; sign up here:
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