How to Detox from Smoking

Here you will learn how to detox from smoking and also why detoxifying is necessary. Let’s start with that.

Nicotine is not the only chemical in cigarette smoke. There are over 4000 toxic chemicals in major cigarette brands.

Some of the chemicals were introduced to increase the addictive qualities of nicotine by getting it into your bloodstream faster. That should make you angry with the cigarette companies, if you weren’t already.

You are also exposed to chemicals in the products you use to light your cigarettes. For example, butane is an element of lighter fluid and is also toxic to the human body.

These chemicals build up in your body over time. They damage your liver and other organs. When you quit, you stop exposing yourself to the chemicals, but it takes time for the body to heal. The faster it heals, the better you will feel. The better you feel, the less likely you are to relapse and light up a cigarette.

The toxins cause you to continue to feel bad, even after you quit. Some smokers think, “I feel bad anyway. Why not smoke a cigarette?”

It is usually people who expect immediate results who have the most trouble. Of course, these are also the people who are most likely to be addicted to nicotine because of the instant gratification.

If you learn how to detox from smoking and you start the detoxification process even before you quit, you may feel better faster. That is the main reason that detoxification is necessary and recommended.

There are several ways to speed the detoxification process. You can use all of these solutions to help your body heal faster.

The first suggestion is to begin taking a homeopathic remedy designed specifically for smokers to support the body’s ability to break down and rid itself of toxins.
Since you will need to use it daily for a few months to effectively detox from all of the chemicals left behind from cigarettes, a homeopathic detox is preferred because it will be gentle enough to take every day without side effects. I like a product called D-Tox RemedyTM best because it is formulated just for smokers, and helps to loosen accumulated toxins throughout your body including your nose, throat, larynx, lungs, kidneys, liver, blood, intestinal and lymphatic systems.

We all know of a smoker who quit but years later was still diagnosed with a serious smoking-related illness, that is why it is so important to help your body recover and repair from the damage caused by smoking. There are several other ways to speed the detoxification process. You can use all of these solutions to help your body heal faster.

The nexy suggestion is very easy. Just drink more pure water. Make sure that it is purified water. Otherwise, you may still be exposed to the toxins that are in publicly treated drinking water.

Water is a part of how to detox from smoking because water is the body’s natural cleansing agent. It is referred to as the universal solvent. It breaks down chemicals and carries them out of your body. Drinking more water also helps to keep your sinuses moisturized, which will make them feel better even before you quit.

There is folklore that suggests bananas are good for helping with the detox.  There may be some truth behind it: bananas are said to replace the B6 and B12 vitamins that smokers have become so deficient in.

There is a lot to be said for deep breathing and exercising.  When you continually get fresh air into your lungs, you help to rebuild them.  Here’s a deep-breathing technique I’ve used to deal with cravings and also to help rebuild my lungs:

Expect it to take several months to properly detox from smoking.  Your lungs need to rebuild at their own pace.  Help your body by using some of these techniques to detox from smoking.

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Author: Pat

Pat Johnson is a former smoker who tried – and tried – and tried to quit for years, before finally discovering Smoke Remedy and quitting for good. She’s passionate about helping other people learn how to successfully quit smoking and get on with their lives. She blogs on and has a free quit smoking email series that has helped hundreds of people quit smoking.

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  2. I want to stop smoking but I haven’t tried to do so,which are the most easy steps to follow thru to get me started

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      • I have tried many times to quit can you help me along with this process.

  3. I want to quit and have been trying many times can you help me to stop and stay stopped.

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